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AQHA #4378587
Metallic Oak

Metallic Oak is a cutting bred stallion through and through. He carries 12.5% of Doc Bar genetics. He is extraordinary quiet and easy going, he is a pleasure to be around and breed mares with. Metallic Oak is a palomino roan, 96% of his get so far are all dilutes and the vast majority of palominos and buckskins are roans as well. We were incredibly lucky to breed this individual, raise him up and stand him to stud for a short period of years before he was snapped by a savvy breeder from Michigan, USA. The lady first saw him at Lake Grace, WA campdraft, she was so impressed she stayed in touch till the deal was sealed for Tel to go to the USA. Otherwise this little stallion would've never left our farm. We found him being freakishly consistent producer, his babies are all TALL, quiet and good looking. They were winning halter events and leaving behind Halter bred horses for dead in Australia. In the states they are sought after as good looking cutting and reining prospects.
By Lena Rasmussen

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Stud fee by private treaty.


AQHA# 3843443
42.75% King P234


King Hank Nugget also originated from Fred Gist's collection of genetically perfect horses.  His stunning conformation and bronze appearance has been reproduced 25% of the time.

He is direct progeny of King P234.  King P234 was bred to be and in fact had unmatched speed, agility and cow sense making him the perfect sire for roping and speed disciplines.  King Hank Nugget's high percentage of genetic attributes from this legendary horse and his ability to reproduce himself in such high numbers also makes him the perfect sire for such disciplines.

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Stud fee by private treaty.

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It is with great sacrifice that Karen offers these two incredible stallions for sale.  Please contact Karen directly for details.

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